Issue #132


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Jessica Parsell

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Lacy Brown

Jessica Parsell, Francesca Lauren, Chelsey Morgenstern, Hayley Nasby & Jessica Suarez

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Allison Sinisi

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Nicole Kavala


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Brand new year and more shows upcoming, the interesting thing is that shows were smaller last year. I noticed specially at USAs having a dip in the competitors on stage, this could be due to entry fees. Prices are very high and competitors' incomes aren't better. Let's face it most are personal trainers or bartender/waitresses so this leaves few room for a shows. If prices went down on entry fee then influx of total competitors would go up but promoters won't budge.

Another big event that was smaller was Olympia, so for sure the attendance is going down. Olympia 51st year wasn't as spectacular as 50th but still it was easy to walk around the expo.

In other expos it has been easier to get a booth, such as Arnold. This year they weren't sold out by December so that tells u many companies aren't going and overall there is a dip in the economy. Call it what you want but many companies don't make great decision when it comes to their expenses.


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