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by Juan Carlos Lopez

20 questions with our cover model: Diana Crandall

Video Interview Cover Model: NPC Fitness Diana Crandall

April Jacobs: Her Journey to the IFBB Fitness Pro Ranks
by April Jacobs

A Twisted Year of Fate: My Road To Fitness Nationals
by Katie Madden

Diana Crandall, Catherine Boushizen, Holly Nicholson, Houng Arcinas and Tara Gooch

Video Interview:
NPC Figure Stephanie Middleton

Gymnastics & Skills Pt. 2
by Linda

Video Interview:
IFBB Figure Pro Trish Mayberry

Interview with Lynda Thoresen Winner of the Excalibur

Video Interview:
IFBB Fitness Pro Kim Seeley

A Twisted Year of Fate Part 2: My Trip to the Heart of the Fitness Industry
by Kaisa Piippo

Sport Specific Training and Conditioning: Utilizing your Heart Rate Monitor
by Traci Redding

Lynda Thoresen 2005 Excalibur Champion Interview

Lynda Thoresen

1. What made you decide to compete at this show the Excalibur, especially you being from Canada?

I was originally preparing for the Sacramento show but I had a very hectic schedule and was behind on my training so I looked for another show to do. The Excalibur worked well for my schedule and traveling to L.A. in the middle of the Canadian winter sounded great to me!! So I kicked it into high gear and went for it!


2. What shows did you compete in 2005 and what was your favorite show and why?

I competed in figure for the first time ever at the Body Rock in July…I placed 5th in my class! I loved that show because it was very well run and because I had no expectations for my placing… it was a total surprise! In fact I didn't commit to doing the show until the night before!!

Then the Excalibur in December…this was my favorite show because I felt that I was in the best shape of my life! It didn't matter so much how I placed but that I had presented myself the best that I could. Winning the overall was amazing!!

3. What are your plans for 2006 regarding competing?

I have quite a few shows planned for this year…the Emerald Cup in April, Alberta Provincials in June, Canadian Nationals in July, and North American’s in September.

4. Did you change anything with your diet/training/contest prep for this show?

Lynda Thoresen

This past year has been so amazing for me! I have competed for years as a bodybuilder and it has been a love/hate relationship for me. I would spent half the year hating my body because I gained weight in the “off season” and the other half so exhausted from trying to get into contest shape…but I love the sport. I had planned to retire from competing all together!

I started working with Kim Oddo and he made the suggestion that I switch to figure. I was reluctant at first because I didn't think there was enough makeup or rhinestones in the world to turn this bodybuilder chick into a figure competitor! Since I was going to retire from the stage anyway I gave it a shot. Kim is amazing! My cardio was much more intense and I worked very hard at toning my legs down and building my shoulders up. I also try to stay within 10-15 lbs of my contest weight to make the dieting process easier for me.

5. How was the turnout at this show, what were you expectations for this show?

The turn out was great! Some of my Canadian friends who live in L.A. even came to watch the morning show! I expected to be up against a lot of beautiful girls with beautiful bodies…and there were plenty of those.

6. What are the areas in your body you would like to improve and how do you plan on doing that?

I still need to work on my shoulders and I would like to be a bit tighter for my next show. My workouts are very intense for shoulders to build size…LOTS of side lateral raises!

7. What do you think about Canada only having 1 pro card per year and the US having around 20? Do you think there is something to be changed in Canada?

It is very frustrating having only 2 opportunities to achieve pro status in Canada. We have the Canadian National’s in July and then Canadian girls can also enter the North American’s in September. A few of the Canadian pro’s have achieved their pro status through petitioning the CBBF after winning a major NPC show in the US. I think they should offer a card to the winner of each class or even top 2 in each class.

8. Who would you like to thank in particular for this show?

I would like to thank…My husband, Dave, for his support and encouragement, he is my strength! Kim Oddo for his knowledge and attention to details. Monica Brant for her wonderful friendship and the great example of fitness that she lives. All of my clients for being so understanding and supportive. Chelsea for training with me when I wanted to stay in bed!
JC at Hardfitness.com for being supportive of this sport and presenting the female athletes in a tasteful manner!

Thank-you so Much!!!

Lynda Thoresen


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