Issue #126


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Ashley Weimer

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Ashley Weimer

Ashley Weimer, Paula Frega, Rachael Loftis, Rachel Strout & Julie Bonnett

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Alli Mathys

Hair Tip of the Month
by Lindsay Fowler

Video Interview with Pro Figure Kanani Gonzales


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Season is full now with shows and nationals shows coming up till end of year.

Jr. Nats and Team U were good shows, decent quality and many competitors. But for sure the industry has changed a lot and there is less muscle overall. Bikini and men's physique is huge, almost any fit person can do the category and turn pro. Its surely a big money maker for the NPC/IFBB. But reality is that they have to treat as a business so they can continue alive. It is rare that a business goes up in income so fast but the fitness industry specially in this arena has increased the number of shows making it more profitable.

Another interesting thing is many competitors who have gotten close to winning their pro cards have stopped competing. You should never give up if you are so close, you can get it. Just persevere, many have and finally gotten that pro card. You can take a stand and surely do well. Just make sure you have a good tactic as well. I recall seeing so many competitors so close but still not be able to make it.

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