Issue #124


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Meghan Duncan

Video Interview with Pro Figure Diana Schnaidt

Meghan Duncan, Brittney Milliken, Jayme Ribar, Robin Castro & Lauren Cadillac

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Chelsea Keyasko

Hair Tip of the Month
by Lindsay Fowler

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Samantha Paparo


Hair Tip of Month by Lindsey Fowler

Attention ladies.... Are you noticing 
a lot of hair breakage?!
Follow these simple rules & your
hair will thank you...
 1. Turn down your flat iron 
     ( ladies it doesn't need to be on 
the highest heat setting to work)
2. Always use salon products
    ( shampoo,conditioner & always 
a heat protectant)
3.Stop pulling your hair up so tight
    ( & never pull it up when it's wet)
4. Make sure you are taking all of 
your vitamins & eating plenty of food
5. Make sure if you have colored hair 
you are going to a professional
Love your luscious locks,
Lindsey Fowler 


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