Issue #124


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Meghan Duncan

Video Interview with Pro Figure Diana Schnaidt

Meghan Duncan, Brittney Milliken, Jayme Ribar, Robin Castro & Lauren Cadillac

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Chelsea Keyasko

Hair Tip of the Month
by Lindsey Fowler

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Samantha Paparo


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

NY Pro was great! A lot of quality competitors and well run show. No amateurs, just pros! That was nice to see! Being in NJ vs NY Tribecca center was better. Lots of parking and more accessible in general plus Newark airport is closeby.

So people are wondering regarding physique what is going on? Seems like very muscular and lean women are winning. Well this is my theory. Female bodybuilding is going to be deleted completely but there is still a few pro shows but no more FBB Olympia. So physique being at the Olympia it is making many ex FBBs go to physique. And more muscular physique look right now for sure will make FBBs give it a try for the physique division.

The new Rising Phoenix show is trying to keep female bodybuilding alive but it will never be the same as the Olympia even if the prize money is better. Plus the business model behind it is not working, not enough FBBs in the amateur level to feed the pockets of promoters. Female muscle fans are actually ok with physique and figure competitors, they are not demanding huge muscle like they used to.


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