Issue #123


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Casey Samsel

Video Interview with Pro Bikini Casey Samsel

Casey Samsel, Jazzy, Lauren Pappas, Lindsay Kaye & Anais Zanotti

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Julia Föry

Make Up Tip of the Month
by Kyndra Bailey

Video Interview with Fitness Model Darlene Whittington


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

What shows will you be doing next? It seems the number of shows has tripled thanks to physique and bikini. But is that a good thing?

Our fitness industry has changed so much, it used to be such an exclusive industry that only a few could boast about being part of it. Even photographers were on the elite and unique styles. Now every part of the business even promoters are just about anyone.

What is going on? Well its easier to compete in physique and bikini. So almost anyone now can use social media have abs and a nice butt and become popular. So there is a reflection of that with our industry. Will this change? Probably not, society doesn't look at muscular in either men or women as a good thing. Its the old school people that revere the physiques of Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Colombu, etc... But the new physiques in some cases are not bad. But the GH/Insulin gut surely is not attractive and that has be rewarded lately. Arnold himself even made a point this past Arnold Classic to Jim Manion that the classic look with no gut should be rewarded. Agreed, someone like Dexter Jackson is the perfect winner. So hopefully this will continue and give it to the more aesthetic bodybuilders.

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