Issue #122


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Amie Adcock

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Amie Adcock

Amie Adcock, Oksana Balanyuk, Theresa Ivancik, Sheila Teague & Amber Bechtel

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Jessica Suarez

Make Up Tip of the Month
by Kyndra Bailey

Video Interview with Amateur Physique Hayley Nasby


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Arnold Classic

A great event as usual, media is really take care of and the expo just gets larger. Would like to thank Robin Allen at the Crowne Plaza for being such a great host for HardFitness again. All the Arnold classic media and expo ppl that helped us out. And of course all the booth models that were there working the HardFitness booth!

Must admit it was a complex show as usual, trying to manage shoots, booth models and meeting new models but it all panned out well.

The event has changed remarkably specially without female bodybuilding which caused a boycott on the end of any female bodybuilders, no photographer follow suit even when those particular photographers that are more into the muscle. Seems like the days of female bodybuilding are done.

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