Issue #121


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Christine Amon

Video Interview with Pro Physique Valerie Garcia Giovanoli After Nationals

Christine Amon, Lindsey Marie Autumn, Lorena Inarra, Melinda Szabo & Karina Akmens

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Renee Stacy

Makeup Tip of the Month
by Kyndra Bailey

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Megan Granucci


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The first few shows are coming up, Fit Expo was great as a starter then comes the huge Arnold Classic! Which is the biggest most complex show ever!

So what shows do you want to do? Will u be ready for them? Its simple don't do too much around your life or you won't be able to concentrate on your show. Those last 4 weeks are critical in staying home and relaxing as the stress will be your worst enemy. At the end of the day we all want to win right? So eliminate all the other variables.

This year we are picking up some new athletes so expect to see us at some new shows perhaps!

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