Issue #113


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Lindsay Kaye

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Lindsay Kaye

Lindsay Kaye, Samantha McKone, Taylor Thomas, Caitlin Wheeler & Candace Saige

Video Interview with Fitness Model Nikki Makara

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Listening to judges' feedback.

If you are a competitor and you compete at a show, you should want some feedback from a judge. Don't go after the show and expect to get a detailed answer, there are hundreds of competitors on stage. They rarely will remember who you are.

Get their emails and send them images from the show, the feedback you will get is the judge's point of view not all of the panel. 50% of what they tell you is usually true the other 50% may be true depending how much time they give the response and also if they know what the others are judging.

I see competitors not realize that at least covering your bases given the feedback should be at least good for next show. Let's say a judge tells a bikini girl she needs to work on her presentation, ok work on your body but practice a lot more on stage.

Body parts like get your legs bigger for a physique guy, then go ahead and do it. Some judges want the calves to actually look good.

So basically pay attention and work on what they give you but best advice is get industry experts as well to an opinion.

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