Issue #112


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Beata Antoninas

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Beata Antoninas

Beata Antoninas, Lia Sugar, Maria Garcia, Chelsea Hagan, Marnie Holley

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Oksana Artemova and Viiktoria Azyamova Part 2

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Its great to be in this industry for such a long time that you learn every trick of the trade. Of course we try to give you a short tip on this editorial but seems like every year there are new girls that even if they read this would not follow suit.

Humans run federations and they aren't necessarily humans that run the the right way just like in some large corporations there are humans in those that make terrible mistakes that anyone can spot except of course that person. Later it becomes apparent that they made a mistake but sometimes they aren't punished sometimes they are. But what humans do have in common is they can be influenced rather easily. Everyone has seen cryonism in some type of form.

Every wonder why someone that is friends with a judge or perhaps more than that wins shows? Well that is a human for you. The other problem is that many girls out there want to be special and do well under the eye of that one official.

Some will go to the point that they will spend thousands of dollars on useless posing seminars with Olympians and think that alone will get them somewhere. A critique from a judge is great but someone in the audience can tell you that, any trainer can too, even yourself. The political game can be rather costly and honestly the return is little. The shelf life of a competitor is always short if they are doing this for personal insecurity reasons. Word to the wise is just stick to simple things and don't pay too much.

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