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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals

2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals Review

20 Questions with our cover model: Kristi Wills

Cover Model Video Interview: Kristi Wills

Journey to my Pro Card by Kim Seeley

Kristi Wills, Tami Ough, Yamille Marrero, Heidi Fletcher, Rhonda Riley and Kat Taylor

Plyometrics: A Great Way to Mix Up your Workout
by Misty Green

Video Interview: Alicia St. Germaine

Helpful Hints for choosing a Contest Suit
by Merry Christine

Video Interview: Heidi Gay

Fitness in Finland
by Kaisa Piippo

Egg Whites, Sweet Potatoes, Blah, Blah, Blah
by Katie Szep

Video Interview: Angi Jackson

Interview with Swedish Pro FBB Klaudia Larson

Watching my Figure
by Waleska Granger

Fitness Team BC Helps you (for these winter months)
by Linda Cusmano

Past members help you stay motivated during the Winter Months

Trying to keep motivated during the colder seasons can be quite a challenge. Holidays become a distraction and an excuse to stray from your regular diet and exercise regime. The changes in season themselves play havoc to our senses throwing our bodies off kilter by having shorter days and an increase in cardio respiratory illness such as colds.
Don't let yourself fall into all that. Keep your mood and immunity strong by following some of the suggestions below.

Fitness Team BC is sharing some of their own tips to help you address how to stay healthy, fit and happy during this winter season. These 10 women balance families, jobs, competitive diet and training all in preparation for the competitive season in Fitness pageants. They have been learning to deal with motivational and seasonal issues throughout contest preparation. Try these10 simple ideas to make a difference in your winter season training.

Shauna Gauthier

Don't Limit Your Options
The winter months can seem very long. Days get shorter so it is hard to stay motivated with day to day training. Here are a couple of ways to keep motivated and focused allowing you to stay on track with your training:
- take a TBC (total body conditioning) class - these are a full body work out that include your muscle work and cardio all at once and the benefit is once the class is done - so are you!!
- write it down and commit to training certain days, keeping a log it makes you accountable
- participate in a class that you enjoy, if its fun you will not want to miss it
- be sure to allow yourself rest days along the way to avoid burnout and plateau
- Balance your diet by eating low fat, whole foods every 2-3 hours

Hania Chahal

Plan and Prepare
It is easy to improvise with fitness programs, but I suggest having a program that incorporates ball exercises during winter. Body Balls are great because you can easily train at home during times when getting to the gym may be a problem. The ball is also great for working core muscles which often get missed or under trained when lifting weights. If you can, try to get a membership at a near by exercise facility and making as much use of it as possible. My last suggestion is to buy an aerobics video this way you can still do some cardio training in the comfort of your own home.

Maureen Heckley

Enjoy it
Exercise in the winter months is possible, but takes a little something extra. A combination of will power, proper clothing, and a lot of water is your key. When the thermometer reaches 0 or below we all think it’s too cold. "How I am I going to go out there now?" But after about 5 minutes our bodies adjust to the climate and we feel great. Winter training can be a powerful experience, whether you're running, walking or biking. Providing you dress appropriately and hydrate frequently, outdoor exercise can be enjoyed by all.

Cara Thien

Mental focus and Control
I have always loved the summer and looked forward to training outdoors when it’s hot and sunny. It’s easy to work out when you do your cardio outside. I love to bike and roller blade but it can be more challenging to work out in the winter months if I let the weather affect me. My main focus is not to let myself do what my head is telling me. I refuse to give in to these thoughts of missing training so I get out of bed at 5:30 AM no matter what is going on outside and head to the gym. I know that once I shut the door, hop in the truck and turn on my meditation, I am preparing myself for another great day. Just stay positive!

Jamie Bowen

Incorporate Exercise
Dealing with a healthy lifestyle during shorter days can be tough even for the biggest fitness enthusiast. Personally I find trying to eat a balanced diet and including daily exercise into my day helps. I'm lucky to live in a climate that does not get snow or too cold, so I choose to commute by bike that way if I don't make it to the gym I don't feel so guilty. Including this dose of exercise relieves me of the stresses that normal commuting by bus, car or train can cause. It gives me a chance to prepare for my day and relieve stress at the end of my day.
I try to spend as much time outside as possible, I find if I'm cooped up inside I go crazy. Try going for walks on your lunch break, getting a dose of fresh air can boost your mood quickly. If you make winter a fun experience you can battle those winter blues.

Linda Cusmano

Keeping your Goals
When you decide you want to better your health through fitness and diet then your whole lifestyle is changed. This commitment means you cannot sabotage your goals. It is easy to convince yourself not to train and it is really easy to convince yourself to eat that donut over there calling out at you but you're in control of these factors! Focus on your goals and remind yourself that you won’t achieve them unless you stick to the training and diet plan all year round regardless of extrinsic circumstances. Of course if you are sick you need to rest and heal but also need to acknowledge when it is time to start again. Regular exercise can actually keep you from illness during winter time. Having these goals in writing makes you more accountable to them. Proper diet will also help your motivation. Fit the sweets in after your dinner of protein and veggies. Keeping proteins high and carbohydrates low will help you avoid feeling sluggish.

Connie Sorenson

Consistency means Commitment.
I have gone to the gym at the same time of the day, everyday for the past ten years. When I come home from work I change right into my workout gear, pack up my bag and head out the door. I make this time a priority, and never schedule anything else until after my workout.
A workout partner also helps. When one of you is having a bad day, or are unmotivated, you have a second person to think about, who is counting on you.
During the holidays, you must pick your battles.
It is okay to enjoy some of the holiday festivities such as a drink here or there, a “cheat” meal now and then, but don't lose total sight of your goals. Take one day at a time, one meal at a time. When offered a tasty, holiday treat, I quickly do a mental calculation – eating this pastry = 45 minutes running on the treadmill. Sometimes worth it – most times not.

Lisa Carpenter

Winter to Your Advantage
The winter months bring a sense of normality and routine back into life. It is time to get back in the gym and on a regular workout schedule.
My physical health includes weights and some fun aerobic class like kickboxing to keep my routine fresh. To maintain my mental health a nice warm bath with Epsom salts and a few candles helps me unwind and collect my thoughts. I also like to treat myself to a facial and a relaxing massage from time to time and the colder season is a perfect excuse!
Exercise can also mean taking a walk to breathe in the crisp winter air.

Lana Hanson

Have Fun with Winter
Life in an area where the climate is so mild means we are lucky that almost any outdoor activity can be done year round! Although, having places such as Whistler close by gives you the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy those winter activities as well. Skiing and skating are among some of the winter sports I like to take in to try and stay's not like being in the gym doing your cardio either...this way you get your cardio in AND have a lot of fun doing it!

Janet Gould-Thorpe

Try Winter Sports
I love to snow board, so when the first cool days of fall come along I get excited because it means snow will soon blanket the mountains! This is all I need as motivation to hit the weight room. I want to be as strong as possible for the first day of the season, so that I can really carve my way down the hill. Snow boarding (or skiing, snowshoeing, and skating) are all great ways to enjoy the snow and still keep in shape.
During the colder season, I'm at the gym yet I don't feel like I should be outside enjoying the sunshine, and therefore
I'm not as inclined to rush myself through my workout.

Great advice from some great Fitness Gals! If anyone is interested in Fitness Team BC or joining in one of the online Buff Camps for women toward your fitness body whether you wish to compete or not, please contact or visit where women are making their ‘competition body’ dreams come true through the expertise and teachings of Seasoned Fitness Pro Linda Cusmano.

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