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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals

2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals Review

20 Questions with our cover model: Kristi Wills

Cover Model Video Interview: Kristi Wills

Journey to my Pro Card by Kim Seeley

Kristi Wills, Tami Ough, Yamille Marrero, Heidi Fletcher, Rhonda Riley and Kat Taylor

Plyometrics: A Great Way to Mix Up your Workout
by Misty Green

Video Interview: Alicia St. Germaine

Helpful Hints for choosing a Contest Suit
by Merry Christine

Video Interview: Heidi Gay

Fitness in Finland
by Kaisa Piippo

Egg Whites, Sweet Potatoes, Blah, Blah, Blah
by Katie Szep

Video Interview: Angi Jackson

Interview with Swedish Pro FBB Klaudia Larson

Watching my Figure
by Waleska Granger

Fitness Team BC Helps you (for these winter months)
by Linda Cusmano

Watching My "FIGURE" by Waleska Granger

Diet and nutrition, weightlifting and cardio, and a strong mindset is
all it takes. Obtaining my Pro card June 2004 in Chicago at Jr. Nationals was one of my many goals. I started as an NPC competitor at the tender age of 21.

I tried bodybuilding my first two years and although rewarding, not exactly the route I wanted to take. Next, I tried fitness...mind you there was no FIGURE back then. However, having no gymnastics background whatsoever that did not last very long. Alas...FIGURE. I started competing in Figure the first year it came out and climbed up the ranks,which got me to Chicago.

Waleska Granger

After Chicago I thought I was ready for "Pro" level shows. I entered
my first pro show in March 2005 and realized that I still had a lot of
improving to do. I went to San Francisco expecting to place very high and was quickly awakened. I had no idea at what level I was actually competing at. I decided to take the rest of the year off preparing for the final show of the year, the Sacramento Pro Figure show. I worked on gaining some muscle mass on my upper body to match my lower body and wanted to come in as lean as possible. My trainer (Randy Shelton) and I lifted heavy until the very end. My cardio was pretty consistent throughout, anywhere from 45min-1
hour per day. My diet consisted of 2000 calories per day, since I
wanted to put on mass I kept my caloric intake pretty high. I ate only lean proteins such as: fish, chicken, and turkey. My carbohydrates were comprised of oatmeal, brown rice, and all vegetables. I had very little fat intake. A typical day of training and dieting went like this:

Morning: 1 cup oatmeal with a protein shake
Am snack: Protein shake and a protein bar
Lunch: Chicken breast with 1 cup brown rice
Post workout snack: Mass building protein shake
Dinner: More chicken with lots of veggies and a yam

Training split:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back and arms
Wednesday: Core
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shoulders and chest
Saturday: Legs

I felt strong and felt I had improved since my 1st Pro show. I proved myself correct and jumped ten spaces from my last show. I can only try to move forward both physically and mentally and hope to continue to improve. I am looking forward to a successful 2006!


Waleska Valle-Granger

Waleska Granger

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Waleska Valle-Granger just competed at the Sacramento Figure Pro show placing 12th out of 22 competitors. She has made great changes since the San Francisco Pro Show and hopefully next year we'll see her competing more and more.

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