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by Juan Carlos Lopez

2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals

2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals Review

20 Questions with our cover model: Kristi Wills

Cover Model Video Interview: Kristi Wills

Journey to my Pro Card by Kim Seeley

Kristi Wills, Tami Ough, Yamille Marrero, Heidi Fletcher, Rhonda Riley and Kat Taylor

Plyometrics: A Great Way to Mix Up your Workout
by Misty Green

Video Interview: Alicia St. Germaine

Helpful Hints for choosing a Contest Suit
by Merry Christine

Video Interview: Heidi Gay

Fitness in Finland
by Kaisa Piippo

Egg Whites, Sweet Potatoes, Blah, Blah, Blah
by Katie Szep

Video Interview: Angi Jackson

Interview with Swedish Pro FBB Klaudia Larson

Watching my Figure
by Waleska Granger

Fitness Team BC Helps you (for these winter months)
by Linda Cusmano



2005 NPC Fitness and Bodybuilding Nationals Review by Juan Carlos Lopez

Kristi Wills

Downtown Atlanta hosted the 2005 NPC Nationals at the classy hotel Hyatt Regency. A very cold weekend except for Sunday made the show being hosted inside the hotel a blessing. The hotel is totally a first class one, the only downside is the $165 contest rate per night. This made a good number of competitors and fans lodge at other places such as the Marriott, Days Inn and other hotels in the vicinity. They did have a bodybuilding menu and food in the restaurant was served promptly but at a high cost. The other detail that made the hotel a great location was a shopping mall that was adjacent to the hotel thru a tunnel on the lobby level. Being a Pam Betz show she always makes sure that the hotels are first class. She also promotes the Jr. Nationals which is also an incredible show from end to end. Another Pam Betz trademark is she brings her own lighting crew and her own set of powerful lights. These are a blessing for photographers trying to photograph fitness routines. In general it it was a very complete package that was brought in regards to convenience and comfort.

Fitness was up first on Friday night, this time it was announced that the two piece would be until Finals on Saturday, something totally new to this type of competition. Perhaps an attempt to garner more ticket sales for the fitness portion, since all competitors would be judged live at the finals and the round did count for points. The one piece was introduced around 5:30pm; total number of fitness ladies was 54. Three classes and 6 pro cards would be awarded to the top 2 of each class. By now the NPC has made their 20% muscle reduction and less conditioning a reality. Fitness were most competitors should be more muscular than figure are now even smaller. Only a few competitors can come in lean and muscular but the judging has pushed them to come in softer.

Diana Crandall

Class A was up on the one piece, as far as physiques Kristi Wills seemed to have a very good package not as hard but smaller just as judges wanted. Angi Jackson and Tonya Burkhardt has a nice shape as well. Nita Marquez as always even with her tiny frame brings in a pleasant body. It didn't take too long for the judges to place Heidi Fletcher, Angi Jackson, Michelle Theison and Tonya Burkhardt in the first callout. Leaving out some of the more developed physiques such as Kristi Wills and Diana Crandall on later callouts. For the routines Angi Jackson repeated her "crazy train" routine which energized the crowd. Kristi Wills brought a different routine this time with the "Zena the warrior" theme. Notable was also the appearance of 14 year old Victoria Larvie who continues to compete and very soon will be a tough competitor to beat. Nita Marquez did a great job with her routine again, some people may not know but she writes her own music and sings it. The first piece of her routine was all done by her, she is surely the most talented up there. Another interesting routine and physique was that of Hollie Stewart-Dyer who's routine had an oriental tint. Of the other competitors Christy Green and Nicole Duncan executed excellent movements including back flips and other aerial moves. The two piece had similar results as one piece, great physiques such as Kristi Wills and Diana Crandall weren't placed as high as they should have. Tonya Burkhardt's abs popped out nicely in the two piece. The race was between Angi Jackson and Heidi Fletcher and both got their pro cards, Heidi later winning the overall.

Sara Flom

Class B was the largest, from the one and two piece Angela Wehage and Sara Flom had the tightest and best developed physiques. Shoulders, legs and conditioning but judges seemed to overlook this. Corry Matthews took both one and two piece and did look really good not as hard as Jr. USA's but in the end just missed her pro card by one point. Corry has no choice but become a pro next year as she is right there. From the routines Tami Ough probably did the best as she is already a veteran in Fitness. Sara Flom also executed an excellent routine and Angela Wehage wowed the crowd with her strength moves and cute outfit. Lisa McCormick was the other one that got the pro card as she executed her routines in a great manner. Tami Ough got first place and earned her pro card.

Alissa Carpio

Class C was very small only 9 competitors and some say quality has decreased in this class. Theresa Hendricks was obviously the best physique and conditioned competitor on stage but judges probably deemed her too hard. Alissa Carpio seemed as the top pick by many and was placed first for both physique rounds. Jennifer Cassetty and April Jacobs took home their pro cards after placing first and second on the routines. Which where worth 50%, giving a lot of weight on the routines. Notable were Theresa Hendricks' strength moves and the use of a chair as a prop.

Jamie Troxel

Women's bodybuilding was full of gossip, rumors and a lot of expectation probably much more weight was put on the talk about fbb than fitness. After the USA's people had discussed the Elena Seiple vs Amanda Dunbar issue. Whereas Elena looked bigger, better conditioned and just like the overall winner. Amanda had the smaller waist, wide back and smaller frame. Judges went for the Amanda look and she took the show. As to why would they did that is going to be a mystery. It is rumored it had to do with the 20% and that it was the new look they were after for mainstream purposes. So again light heavyweight was going to be another challenge after seeing some big names on the competitor list.

The lightweights had Carla Salotti and Tera Guzman as the favorites given results from last year and from this year. Barbara Fletcher with her small frame was looking tight and could impress the judges. As the other competitors came on stage it was clear Carla was very dry, the other competitor than could challenge her was Jamie Troxel. Jamie had an amazing shape, shoulders, full muscles and incredible femininity. The battle boiled down to Carla and Jamie which was won by Carla who's package was preferred by the judges and thus obtaining the lightweight pro card.

Lindsay Mulinazzi

Middleweights included the come back of Lindsay Mulinazzi, who had done very well in past contests. From the top 5 there were some new faces such as Yahaira Agosto from Puerto Rico who showed an impressive physique and symmetry. Lindsay Mulinazzi as feminine as an fbb could get took third and was pleasant to see her on stage. Ellen Woodley who took second and last year had looked really good, this year almost took the pro card. Norma Nieves from Puerto Rico took the overall deservingly, showcasing conditioning and symmetry.

Debi Laszewski

The light heavyweight was now the most anticipated class. Elena Seiple was back and this time on recommendation from one judge came in a softer. Debi Laszewski's much anticipated comeback was incredible, it had been a long time I had seen such a perfect physique in the professional or amateur ranks. Debi exuded femininity, muscularity, symmetry, conditioning and almost perfect package. From the callouts Dena Westerfield was also one of the best looking physiques up there. Dena looked her best ever, her presentation and hair was also top notch. Other competitors who always impress are Yamile Marrero, Nicole Berg, Heidi Gay and Alicia St. Germaine. The latter two are almost identical twins and live in Michigan. Their resemblance is very similar, and both are excellent competitors that will shine very soon. Gale Frankie was a good surprise as was Kristy Hawkins who also had a great stage presence. In the end the pro card was awarded to Dena Westerfield who had a smaller package with a small waist. Debi got second and Elena took third. It was a bit confusing as most people had Debi Laszewski as the top pick, but kudos to Dena who brought in her best package ever and was awarded. It would be interesting to ask opinions from some of the judges, but consensus says Debi might have been too hard and muscular. But isn't that what bodybuilding is about?

Jody May

The heavyweights were up and few names were missing such as Sherry Smith and Gerri Deach. Gerri pulled out just weeks before given that she didn't feel she was ready for it. Lora Ottenad wasn't as hard but her muscle mass was again impressive, unfortunately she took 5th. A different face snuck up and took third, Audrey Peden from Illinois. Sheilahe Brown who had done well at North Americans took 4th and her stage presence and hair/make up was wonderful. The race for the pro card was between Mimi Jabalee and Jody May. Jody May brought her best package ever, showcasing her great abs and feminine looks. Mimi after having taken a fall in Dallas in 2004 rebounded to look her best and take her class. Mimi was tighter than Jody and both had excellent shapes. The striated quads are Mimi's trademark as Jody abs were her's. Judges awarded the pro card to Mimi who has been doing this for some time. And then she ended taking the Overall.

The show wasn't as long as some Nationals have been this year but it was pleasant to see such great physiques and quality competitors grace the stage. We look forward in 2006 for new faces and better physiques by seasoned competitors.


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