Issue #108


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Rachel Strout

Video Interview with HardFitness Sponsored Athlete Caitlin Wheeler

Rachel Strout, Jennifer Delgado, Francesca Hartman, Layla Vossoughi & Lindsay Rojas

Video Interview with Amateur Figure Nanda Croft

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Pro Bikini Natalie Waples


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

The new year 2014 is here, 2013 left many shows and new faces in the industry. The story is the same it repeats itself over and over same stories just different actors. Despite being so many websites and media that can help you find out much more info about the fitness industry people don't read or appreciate the power of the internet.

Not sure who is still reading the print magazines that promise people abs in 30 days or look like Suzy Fitness in x amount of days without minimal work. After 10 years of operating this website online we have strived to give people the most hardcore information. There will be more upcoming specially on the video side hopefully.

A colleague of mine and I discussed another yet interesting topic recently. Representation.

Some of you don't know what it means and will never need it but some will at some point. The story repeats itself there is always a female competitor who falls in the wrong hands and lets her boyfriend, husband, trainer, friend, makeup artist manager her competition affairs. One thing is allowing someone to aid you another is to completely take it to a level of a full manager where basically the model doesn't speak to the photographer until the shoot occurs in person.

Trust me nothing wrong with this approach, nothing better than a professional manager do all the work and have the model show up in person perform every part of the shoot you have asked for and leave without any drama. But for an individual to become a real manager in most states and provinces will need a license.

What is a license? Its a document signed by the manager and the state which they are going to operate. There is a fee and some prerequisites such as a bonding company (insurance) and perhaps others depending on the state/province.

The reason a license is required is because the model could fail to appear and if you need to cover any expenses incurred with the failure to comply with your end of the agreement then the bonding company can cover that. Yes your premium will go up but you are covered for these situations. Nothing better that a licensed agent gives you their license number, it will make you sleep better as a photographer and as a model too.

Booth work is coming up for Arnold Classic and other events so this is the time when you want to be careful what you do and who you trust. It could cost you big time if you make a mistake with this, no booth and perhaps no future work. So just be careful and do your homework.



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