Issue #107


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Aimee Cosban

Video Interview with Cover Model and Amateur Bikini Aimee Cosban

Aimee Cosban, Ariel Gail, Jamie Ortiz, Ericka Kenney, Amy Branch

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Priscila Prunella

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with Pro Figure Tionna Michelle


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

End of year is coming and this is the last issue of 2013. The shows are getting larger with men's physique and bikini. Its a never ending number of competitor but unfortunately the quality has gone down. Even physique has very few competitors that I would say are top quality. Even if you are a pro that does not guarantee you are a great model.

What to do with your pro card

Its a huge battle getting the coveted pro card, once you get it its the best day of your life right? Well do you know what to do with it?
Unfortunately in the real world a pro card from a fitness federation has no value. You will not get a high paying job or meet Presidents of other countries. Actually you will have to pay $300 per calendar year in order to be a pro and wait lots and lots of people have a pro card. Are they any good, actually not really but they were the best at that show among the ones that showed up.

But you can do something with it, more companies will look at you at you might get a crack at getting a small sponsorship. You can do posing seminars, training sessions, etc... more than before but really it is nothing you can't do as an amateur. As a matter of fact I could name several amateurs that make more money with modeling or personal training than pros.

So if you are smart you will notget a big head and realize that it isn't a huge thing. Just another event in your life that helps a bit but not much.

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