Issue #102


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Kate Grevey

2013 Fit Expo
Crossfit Video

2013 Fit Expo Galleries

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Kara Harding

Kate Grevey, Katie Davis, Kimberly Elizabeth, Nickie Clark & Priscila Prunella

Video Interview with Fitness Model Leila Shennib

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with
Fitness Model Alisha Lucik


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

Death of Print Magazines

The end is near for all print magazines, we called it from day one. HardFitness has avoided print except for the calendar as the idea of a print magazine was always a bad one. Now that Oxygen, Reps, American Curves, Musclemag are all dead the other magazines will be dying as well. Online is KING! To all those models who chose to shoot for a print mag instead of online you didn't make a good choice.

Reality is hard but now when you say you have been published in x, y, z mag in print it won't even matter. Your resume will be almost useless. The internet and social media is king, the world is changing and everyone needs to know that.

Our print calendar is the only publication that will never die and that is because we have found a way to promote it properly. There is a specific way of making money as a photographer. Those photographers that are tied to shooting for other magazines will never make much money. On the other hand we deal directly with the customer.

More Sponsorship to come

We are working on getting more athletes signed up, please keep an eye on the sponsor page

There will be new athletes coming up very soon, also opening a crossfit division with great athletes as well!


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