Issue #100


by Juan Carlos Lope

20 Questions with Cover Model Edith Waggoner

Video Interview with Amateur Bikini Karlie Grooms

Edith Waggoner, Jessica Broderick, Rachel Berry, Tonia Moore & Jana Petersen

Video Interview with Pro Figure Christine Kluger

Product of the Month
by Heather Hirmer

Video Interview with
Amateur Bikini Jennifer Sozihno


Editorial by Juan Carlos Lopez

After some shooting trips the 2014 Calendar will be ready, cover model and all the rest of the models will be selected this month.

On other fronts, I have noticed that many models are running into photographers who shoot for a print magazines are trying to get them exclusive. As each human can make their own decisions let's look at that business model and list pros and cons. Hardfitness sponsors competitors as they have a type of exclusivity but its does not stop the model from all the shoots, just a certain type.

First step to discuss is money, he who has the money has the power. So if anyone is giving you a good amount of money, sponsorship for example then its a good idea to follow what they tell you.

So now let's look at this business model:

1. If you like to work with the photographer likely you two will have good chemistry
2. Good visibility and promotion if photographer is well known on the internet

1. Totally hinders you from other photographers and paid jobs (which is what models want if they want to be models and get paid).
2. Print magazines are dead, only the federations keep them alive
3. Only one style, as a model you learn from working with other photographers. You will have less experience.
4. Inaccurate image displayed, many models don't realize some photographers photoshop too much. To the point models don't look close to what they really look like in person.

So in general it's not a good idea, if you really want to be a model and make money as a model from shoots, this is the wrong approach. Go with the money, its likely you won't shoot for too long and you could be passing up a lot of money. If you are in this for fun then perhaps its ok. But look at your bank account and also if you have debt then you know you need to go with being paid as a model.


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